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    Can somebody please soothe my aching head by telling me what the difference and similarities of Java and Javascript are? One of my friends says Java is a result of Javascript.

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    Java is a compiled (turned into machine language) language like C or C++. It can also be pseudo-compiled into bytecode so that it can run on multiple platforms which is how applets work. The bytecode needs a JIT (just in time) compiler to finish compiling the software for it to work. Java is an object oriented language. Java applications can only be used on the type of machines they were compiled for. Java applets can be used on all machines including embedded devices that use a runtime engine.

    Javascript is an interpreted scripting language meaning it is always in human readable form. Javascript is based upon a subset of the functionality built into Java and was developed by Netscape and Sun. In the beginning Javascript was designed as a language to control Java applets and servlets for Netscape products.

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