Hi everyone,

I have absolutely NO database experience. I couldn't tell you the difference between php and mySQL if my pants were on fire. But I'm aware that at some point I'll need to dive into SOMETHING database-oriented if I want to move beyond my collection of small-site clients.

Now may be the time! I received an email from a perspective client who wants a very basic site, with the addition of an inventory-style listing of 400+ items. To simplify things, he doesn't want to sell anything online, doesn't want or need shopping cart or any of that, he merely wants a database listing of stuff.

I'm thinking that maybe I can offer him my services at a steep discount in order to get my toes wet, but I really don't know where to begin, or if it's realistic to believe I can work something out for him within a month or so, as a beginner.

I should mention that I'm a competent designer/pseudo programmer with four years of experience, so I'd like to believe I can take this on.

So whatcha think? Thanks in advance for your comments!