alrighty then,
time for a real dinger!
i have taken the javascript mmartin tree and over loaded the context menu to display my own list of commands, which differ depending on whether the pointer is over a document or a folder, slick eh!
yeah... right....
of those commands there exists
(lock and release b/c the tree is indirectly connected to an excelon (xml) db that generates the files (its gonna be a biggy)
but the problem is move:
to actually "move" the chapter in the database, i need to develop some sort of menu for indicating the new order, or some way it can be done visually, but at the same time still invoke a soap rpc to make the excelon database reflect the event
now... more than likely it is just going to be easier to invoke a call that changes the order of the database, but i still need some way (client-side!!!)
the changing of the database doesn't matter
i can figure that out...
but the menu to alter the chapter order must be intrinsic and visually client side (meaning no server regeneration until order is set)

select the "move" option in my context box, then
redisplay order of folder in a separate box, and (if ya know how to drag and drop, do tell!)
but either way the entries correspond to an array
(each folder is an array of chapter documents)
need ideas to ting my brain with

any input is greatly appreciated! thanks!