Good day!

I have been given an awesome opportunity and was hoping I could get some well needed guidance! I was handed over a project that my predecesor left unfinished. His job was to create a website for a department here at my university. After discovering he built the site using ror I started to read up on ror. I like what I see so far!!

I have been giving a task to add a hyperlink on the homepage that links to an .zip file. (software for students to download). I have been opening up a lot of the .rhtml files and looking at the code and was wondering if I am going to have to find the appropriate file, add the html with the file path, and then save changes to get the results I want OR IS THERE AN EASIER WAY TO DO THIS??

Someone show me the Rails way to do this please!

Is there a gui or preview of the page that I can just edit like in dreamweaver? I know there are built in functions to ruby that will let me do what I am looking to do however I do not get the whole picture yet.

Also, is there a particular location in the rails directory that the .zip or .exe (files to be linked to for download) need to be located?

ps windows guy...but school webserver is a MAC!