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    Slick ajax saving indicator

    I have a web app that I've been continuously expanding over the last 2 year or so. It is mostly made up of extensive forms for various types of data entry.

    As it is now, the forms all save by POSTing in the traditional way. I am going to convert these pages to use ajax to make the process a bit smoother.

    The ajax itself is not the issue. When someone clicks save, I need a saving indicator that prevents further editing or clicking of the page until the save process completes. I would like something similar to the many greybox scripts that are out there, that covers the page and shows a little message or animation and then fades away once the operation is complete.

    I was gonna just hack apart some greybox script and make it work, but I thought there might be something cool already out there.

    Any ideas?

    I plan to use jQuery for some of the ajax, so solutions for the problem above that use jQuery would be great.

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    Check out Ext at ... has everything you could possibly need...


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