Hello all.

I have just checked out JQuery, and was fooling around with the Accordion ability is has, I have used MooTools in the past... Just switching it up here... But I don't understand how to "click to close" the current "dd"

Right now, when you click on a "dd" you get the slide event happening, but it doesn't stay closed. I know it has something to do with the :visible css tag, but where do I call it in here:

I have this:
        $("dt a").click(function(){
            return false;
Here is my html:
HTML Code:
    <dt><a href="/">Publications</a></dt>
          How to make Publications Accessible<br />
          <a href="http://fsweb.r9.fs.fed.us/office/1600_information_services/1630_publications/Com_Tool_Kit/PubPointers/PPaccessible_pubs.htm">http://fsweb.r9.fs.fed.us/office/1600_information_services/1630_publications/Com_Tool_Kit/PubPointers/PPaccessible_pubs.htm</a></li>
        <li>How to Request Color Printing Approval<br />
            <a href="http://fsweb.r9.fs.fed.us/office/1600_information_services/1630_publications/Com_Tool_Kit/PubPointers/PPcol_print-req.htm">http://fsweb.r9.fs.fed.us/office/1600_information_services/1630_publications/Com_Tool_Kit/PubPointers/PPcol_print-req.htm</a>          </li>