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It is not impossible to have models represented by joins, even in moderately complex systems. But if such models are needed on a regular basis they're much better represented in the DB itself using a view, which can be easily accessed as a standard table.
Does this 'database view' have to actually be located in the database, or could I maybe create a view class that works like a table data gateway, except instead of accessing a table, it accesses a specific group of tables? Or is there some reason why that wouldn't work?

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vbmenu_register("postmenu_3607535", true);Query functions return results (as resource). If you convert them into arrays, you need to traverse this raw array for the second time to get formatted output.

IMHO is better pass directly results, although you have to write formatting objects for each type of db separately.
I have data that takes two queries to compile. Can I save both of these resources and access each without affecting the other?