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    Question Indesign training needed?

    I got a "ground up" position at my work for designing the catalog and working on are companies website (which we haven't even come close to starting yet)
    I got the position cause i have been here for a while and became known as the "computer go to guy" lol for fixing and stuff and the ability to be able to pick stuff up quick. I got some experience with web design.

    but basicly they let me purchase whatever i need books,classes etc.

    I'm curious as to what workshops, or short classes i can take to learn how to design the proper way.

    I seen that people doing catalogs and stuff in other place do drafting and stuff first. before they actually put it into indesign.

    So i'm looking for some guidance as to maybe somethings i need to learn?
    some classes i could try and find and take. Not looking to go all crazy with 4 years of college heh i don't have time for that kind of commitment.

    thx in adv.

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    Get the software and just play around with it. (think it comes with a tutorial disc anyway)
    Click all the buttons and work out all the shortcuts.

    Then go into the sitepoint contest area and start entering some contests.

    To learn about the design side, just google it. "the design process"
    Plus have a look at typography
    Logo Design


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