A customer of mine has around 18 domains.
All having varied variations with keywords and all..

Now I am aware that pointing all the domains to a single
main website won't be of much help in regards to search
engine visibility. But paying for 18 webhosting a/c's is
not quite the traffic !

So I worked out a way with a webhosting co, so that they
allowed me to host additional domains on the main a/c
at a lower cost than a full a/c.

Now I am racking my brain on the the content for 18 domains!

But then I'd ask you search engine experts on how I could
go ahead. I do not have a lot of experience with multiple
domain positioning. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Pitfalls ?
Will it be worth it ?
Answers for which I'd be waiting for.

The client wants all the domains to be developed
with info having direct connection to the main site.

Somewhere on the lines of "You have reached blah blah..
Click here to go blah blah", And the doorway pages
would be hidden by a 1 x 1 or their likes.

Is this approach right ?
I believe there could be many a better options and
would like you to leave advice.

Thanks and Regards/Allwin