What is the easiest way of retrieving some fields from a table row and pass them to some text fields on the same page, or another window? The row won't be known in advance, rather I plan to have an onclick event for a row that gets the various fields data. Also it is a paged table.
I understand how this works usings forms only, ie.,
<script langauge="javascript">
function post_value(){
opener.document.editform.ownerid.value = document.lookupform.ownerid.value;
opener.document.editform.petowner.value = document.lookupform.oname.value;
opener.document.editform.ostreet.value = document.lookupform.ostreet.value;
I currently open a table in code, click a record to select it, and a form comes up with that records data. Next I have an onclick witch runs the above script populating some fields on parent form. I use this technique as a lookup table. I'd like to skip a step and select direct from the table to populate the fields in parent window, thus bypassing having to open the second form.
Bottom line = lookup table