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    Hi guys,

    I have even managed to communicate with ASP.NET to MySQL (which is great)

    One MAJOR problem... I can't use the GUI parameter builder. I'm not too bothered about using a graphical userface, I would rather take the time to hand code the store procedures by hand...

    I thought if I did the Stored Procedures in MySQL I would be able to ADD them into my TABLE ADAPTERS using the ADD EXISTING STORED PROCEDURES function in Visual Studio...

    Not so... Everything is blank. Is the only way that I can communicate to MySQL stored procedures is through the presentation level and by setting up temp table adapters on webpage backend code (*.aspx.vb) page???

    Can't I use the three tier model having a Data Access Layer / Business Logic Layer and then finally a Web/Presentation Layer?

    This is a major concern to whether I can even consider using MySQL as a database in bigger projects in the future.

    Thanks again,


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    I use CoreLab's MySQL Data connector and VS DB Tools and I can work with stored procedures.

    It is worth the money you pay.
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    ASP.NET with MySQL

    Why don't you use Connector/Net driver to establish a connection to the database? It works great, and very similar to System.Data namespace.
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