Am i being a donut or what? been stuck on binding the results of a stored proc to a GV but am failing big time. below is the code it runs a treat but doesn't return any results, when i run the sproc on the DB it's good. aaaaaaaargh

Dim store, status, palletRef As String

sqlExcess.SelectCommand = "sp_getExcessPalletHeadersSort"
sqlExcess.SelectCommandType = SqlDataSourceCommandType.StoredProcedure
sqlExcess.SelectParameters.Add(0, store)
sqlExcess.SelectParameters.Add(1, status)
sqlExcess.SelectParameters.Add(2, palletRef)
sqlExcess.SelectParameters(0).Direction = ParameterDirection.Input
sqlExcess.SelectParameters(1).Direction = ParameterDirection.Input
sqlExcess.SelectParameters(2).Direction = ParameterDirection.Input


So what is worng with that? can i look into the sqldatasource to see what it contains?