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    Putting WIP projects on my CV

    As a freelancer, some sites I have designed but the hosting and implementation (which is the client's responsibility) has not been finalised, thus the design and files are sitting on my PC waiting to go on the web.

    On my cv I have listed these projects and should I get asked about them I will tell the honest story (waiting to go live). I want to list them as all these projects use different technologies along with the common css, xhtml, etc.

    Is it fine to say in a CV that I have done these projects but they are not yet live? When my portfolio goes live I will host these sites under the portfolio to show employers how these sites behave when live.


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    I put this kind of work in a subdirectory on my site. If you're site is not up yet, you can just put some screenshots in your CV. However, to get some credibility with someone who doesn't know you personally, you would have to have some sort of personal site, even if it just contains a couple of links to your WIP.

    If you can't get a site right now, post screenshots on Flickr (with your client's permission). That's better than nothing.
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