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    Question Dynamic page layout how is this achieved & STORED on a DB

    OK, this is prob. a bit of a biggy, but...

    With regards to google et al, where you can drag & drop (small-ish) boxes into a position on a page which, the next time you visit, appear in the same place...

    Is there a javascript which would allow an "administrator" to layout a page and have that served in php/html, without any javascript intervention, to the general public?

    If I may digress, to begin with a blank page. Having "created" the header/banner and "sideboxes" and footer, have these available for the user the drag & drop into position (whether they're dropped into a side-column, or womeway down the centre column, and be able to take into account the order they're applied?

    I'm currently using CodeIgniter (having found symphony a bit bloated), tailoring this to allow for plugable modules et al -ish.

    Can anyone suggest if this is possible and, more importantly, how something dragged in javascript, may be saved/stored in a database for future retrieval?

    Is the css somehow amended/parsed by the javascript/ajax?

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    This is pretty complicated but not impossible.

    1. Set up your page in HTML and add the script to drag and drop components.
    2. Write a script on the page to send data with the object id and its new coordinates to a server script when a component is drag-and-dropped (ajax is one way, submitting a form to a hidden iframe is another, and there are more).
    3. Write a server script to receive this data and store it.
    4. Convert the original HTML page to use server script to set up the component positions.

    I haven't used your library so I'm not sure if it has any of these capabilities.


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