DIV A is a container of DIV B and DIV C. DIV A has a background pattern that repeats along the y-axis, so as content in either DIV B or DIV C extends, the BG is automatically repeated.

DIV B is 260px wide and contains content that expands it vertically. It needs to set at the 0,0 coordinate inside A, which it does automatically due to document flow.

My problem is getting C to sit "to the right of B". You see, DIV A is 960px wide. Since B is taking up 260 of that, it leaves 760pixels left inside. I need DIV C to sit as a column to the right of B. It is 669px wide and has a margin-left value of 31px. (This gives space between DIV B and DIV C, and the space between DIVs B and C allows the repeating BG of DIV A to show through (a dividing line)

My problem is that floating either element will allow it to extend past DIV A rather than expand it. Something like:


(sorry for the ASCII art)