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    Tracking sharing - where it is being shared, need some help :)


    I need some JS help, and guidance.

    I am working on one of them cool web 2.0 apps...ya know the ones with the coolness and all?

    Well, it's mainly a video service site, lets just say its a clone of youtube (which its not, but lets say it is).

    When someone clicks on the share button, gets the flash embed code for the video player, then puts it on their blog.

    I want to be able track where that video is, and the url to that persons blog, so I can go check it out. This will be a part in the users account to track where their videos are being played, this is useful for many reasons.

    I want to have the js inside the <embed code stuff here> JS Here </embed> so they bring the tracking part with it.

    How would I do that?

    If there is some tutorials, resources, or scripts that do that I can look at I would LOVE that.

    Also, I would love even more to learn what it is needed to do that. For example is it refer tracking?

    The app is done in PHP, so the urls being tracked would be put into a DB, but I can get my guy to do that, we just need help actually capturing that data.


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    If you set up php to serve the flash, you should be able to use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] to figure out which URL is loading the flash.


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