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    Test this for me please! Header + Flash + Footer

    Hello all.

    Please try this link for me and let me know what you see:

    You should see a green header filling the top of the page, a red footer at the very bottom of the page and a white Flash movie filling the gap in between. You'll need at least Flash Player 7, otherwise it will just show black. It shouldn't scroll, it should act like a framed page but uses CSS DIVs instead.

    There's a big cross in the Flash movie that goes into the corners of the page. It should stay in these corners as you resize the browser window.

    Here's what I see:

    I've tried this on a PC in Opera 9, Firefox 2 and IE7 and works well. Only on Safari for PC does it not work properly. If you could test it on a Mac and other browsers I'd really appreciate it.

    As you probably know, making a simple table-like page with a header and footer in CSS is a real pain, and I'm using quite a few hacks in the CSS to get this to work (view source to see them!), so if you can see any obvious ways to solve browser problems, please let me know.

    Thanks loads!

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    it auto resizes and looks good on FF for Mac. The footer disappears, unless you are resizing the browser window, in Safari on the Mac.

    (both FF and Safari on my system are current versions)

    Try adding a clear:both in your #footer css

    I'm thinking since the #content is set to a height of 100% and the footer is not clearing the content, that the 100% could be overlaying on the fixed footer.
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    Seeing as it seems to be based on an old example of mine then try this


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