I have read dozens of posts, manuals, etc on date formatting. I know exactly how I want my date to be formatted and all of the various options I have for formatting the date.

But where do I put the information?

My query is
Code PHP:
//used for default display of tours by date
mysql_select_db($database_atours, $atours);
$query_tourDate = "SELECT * FROM tours, artists WHERE tours.artist_id=artists.artist_id AND date > NOW() ORDER BY date ASC";
$tourDate = mysql_query($query_tourDate, $atours);
$row_tourDate = mysql_fetch_assoc($tourDate);
$totalRows_tourDate = mysql_num_rows($tourDate);

The two dates I need to format are coded like this
Code PHP:
echo "<span class='tour-head'>"; 
echo $row_tourDate['date']; 
if(trim($row_tourDate['dateend']) != '0000-00-00'){ 
// print out everything 
echo " through "; echo $row_tourDate['dateend']; 
// don't do anything 

I want to include date('M, d, Y').
I have also tried this in my query DATE_FORMAT(date, '%d %m %Y')

Just not sure where to put the info.

Your help is appreciated.