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Thread: CSS help

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    Question CSS help

    Okay, here is the deal… I have a new website on my table but have a BIG problem with CSS. I’ve done a design and was about to start to do my first round of programming, started with the CSS templet, when I realised that I had a problem I didn’t know how to fix. So now I hope some kind soul here can help me out.

    I have a design with a top, where the logo is going, at a fixed with and height. Beneath that I have my “Nav1” that’s also a fixed size, these two, not so hard to fix :P
    But now starts the problems. I need my “Nav2” to the left under nav 1, at the with of 170px, and all the way to my end of content, witch will be different on different pages, and if the content dosen't cover the page, that it's to the bottom of the page. Next to “Nav2” I’ll have the content area, that needs to fit it’s area to the content in higth and a fixed width.

    And I just have no idée how I fix my problem with “Nav2”, everything else, a peace of cake, but that…

    I hope you get the picture from my description, someone care to help me out?


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    And what is the problem exactly?
    It sounds like a perfectly standard layout.

    Do you want, say, a coloured background for the nav2 to extend all the way down, even if nav2 is really only one inch tall and content is 50 inches tall?

    The way to do this is to add a div around nav2 and content, called it, say, innerwrap, and give it a background colour (or image even) .Then set no background colour or image for nav2. Set a colour for your content background however. And the colour of innerwrap will show through all the way down the page, where users THINK they are looking at the nav2 div...


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