I play with some video sharing sites to persuade them to load movie into one div. It was difficult to find some solution for MSIE, but at the end I discover one very simple. Everything seems to works very well in MSIE6, 7, Opera 9+, and Firefox on sites where flash is correctly written. I mean where movie stop loading, after removing. Bad working on Youtube, Metacafe, Goggle video. Works as expected at last.fm or czech one zkouknito.cz. The trick how to play DOM generated flash in IE is easy, at the end of code just rewrite whole contens by for IE by silly
One problem after this line is that it seems to be for browser new page in history, so when you press back button, it will not go to previous page, it goes to previous generated content instead(maybe it could be good idea for some Ajax). Question is, if here is a way to correct browser history to track correct previous page instead of previous state? Here are examples http://concer.to/lastfm-test/index.html Sorry for such long post.