I run several successful websites, making money mostly from direct sales of paid advertising (businesses find my site at #1 in the Google rankings for a related phrase and contact me directly, wanting to advertise).

However, I had read so much about affiliate earnings that I thought I would try some Orbitz affiliate banners on my site. It seemed like a natural fit, because my most successful website (the Google #1 that I mentioned above) reaches the families of high school and pre-high school athletes who travel a lot to tournaments in other states.


After giving it a chance for over 6 months, the Orbitz commissions are surprisingly low, averaging only about $20 per month. Compare this to banner advertisements from the businesses I mentioned above, who pay me anywhere from $75 to $5,000 for a banner placement.

Obviously, the Orbitz banners are not paying their own way and I am considering dropping them, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had success with Orbitz or other major affiliate banners?

Thanks for any replies. I would love to read what has worked for others!