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    Php mail program for receiving mails

    I am familiar with php script for sending mails,but how do i go about making it
    receive mails sent to an email address.I want to create a custom mail program
    for a client such that a copy of every mail sent out will automatically go to the boss' email box which is easy.That means i av to shut out the mail program that comes with their hosting account so that staff wont use that.But now,how do they read incoming mails.

    Or is there a way to configure squirrel mail to send a copy of every mail sent
    to a specified email address?
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    do it at the server level, most all servers have that feature (archive mail), on my mail servers, it creates a domain folder with folder dates and the username and all mail sent or received for that date goes in there.


    But before doing that, check if it's legal to do that for your location.


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