I recently got some advice on how to optimize my wordpres blog, as I'm not very technical there are some things I'm not sure about, could you guy's help me please?

Here's what I need to know...

Something called the excerpt function, this is to stop the same content appearing on two pages, I was told to "Replace the_content with the_excerpt in archives, categories, and index. "thecontent" should only exist on single and page"

I don't have a clue on how to do this, I use cpanel file manager, can anyone tell me how to do it in non-tech speak?

I was also told to ditch my standard archives system and replace it with the clean archives plugin, however, the link does not work (http://sporadicnonsense.com/index.ph...chives-plug-in) is there another way to get it?

I created a google sitemap using the sitemap generator plugin, do I need to place a link to the map on my homepage or is it ok just as it is?

Also, a couple of other things while I'm here, I installed adsense-deluxe plugin but for some reason the adsense is not displaying correctly - look here - homeremedyto.com
Anyone know why?

Plus, if you click on the archives link at the top of the blog, it returns an error msg, that is the way it was from when I installed it, not sure if there's a problem with the theme or if I need to do something?

Thanks a lot