.. at least at this specific thing..

I have a table with 397 rows and a javascript loop to set them as hidden or unhidden. In FF it takes less than a second which is nice and responsive but in ie7 it takes 7 seconds to complete which is annoying for the user. Why is there such a big difference and is there any way to speed this up in ie?

the html goes like:
<tr id='0readmoreblock0'><td>bla</td></tr>
<tr id='0readmoreblock1'><td>bla</td></tr>
<tr id='0readmoreblock2'><td>bla</td></tr>
....up to 396
The javascript loop is:

var tab=0;
for (cc=0; cc<397; cc=cc+1) {
document.getElementById(tab + \"readmoreblock\" + cc).style.display='';
This is a very simplified version to show the point. The rows need to be done individually as in the proper version some get turned on and some off.