Hi guys,

I'm looking to make a page that works like so:

A preset height div is displayed that shows only so much of an entry and is rather small. Upon moving your mouse over this box, which will not be an image, a popup box will appear at the mouse enlarging the contents of the box.

I would like it so that if you click the box, the window will stay open and you can interact with it's contents, then having to click an 'x' in the corner to close it. There will be several of these on one page.

I am familiar with html/css/javascript but not to a point where I could code something like this. My problem is: where do I start and in what language(s) would it be possible to do something like this? Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated

To see where I'm coming from, have a look at how http://www.fotolia.com does there image rollovers. It would work just like it but would not be just enlarging the picture and if you where to click the picture, the box would stay open and you could fill out a form inside it.

Please point me in the right direction.