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    I have a form with many checkbox fields (lotto table), and I want to make a button to pick some numbers randomly. I have a script for generating numbers, but I do not know how to make corresponding checkboxes in the form checked according to the generated numbers.
    I would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.

    Below is my script for generating numbers:

    <script language="javascript">

    var loop; //loop counter
    var randy; //holds random numbers

    function make_array(size) //creates a one-dimensional array
    this.length = size;
    for (a=0; a<size; a++) this[a]="";

    function generatenos() //flags certain numbers in a one-dimensional array
    hold = new make_array(document.lottery.max_number.value);

    document.lottery.numbers.value = ""; //clear numbers box

    //now we need to generate some numbers-----------------------------------------------

    for(loop=0;loop<document.lottery.balls_drawn.value;loop++) //1 step through loop for each ball to be drawn
    randy = Math.round(Math.random()*(document.lottery.max_number.value-1));
    randy++; //ie. number between 0+1 (=1) and max_value-1+1 (=max_value)

    loop--; //if number already chosen, go back one step in the loop
    continue; //and start again (so no duplicate numbers)

    hold[randy]=1; //if not already flagged, then flag the number in the 'hold' list


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    Well, the best suggestion I can offer is to have your number generator spit out a number in a certain range, say 1 - 10 for sake of argument. THen assign your checkboxes names that are numbers 1 - 10. That way you can write a short Javascript to pattern match your generated numbers with your form names. Here is a skeleton of what should work:

      <script language="javascript">
      function pairing() {
       var num = generate(); // this is your random number genrator that you showed me.
       var df = document.form1;
       name = "check" + num; //ie. name = check1, check 2, etc. = true;
     <form name= "form1">
       <input type= "checkbox" name = "check1">Option 1 
       <input type= "checkbox" name = "check2">Option 2 
       <input type= "checkbox" name = "check3">Option 3 
       <input type="Button" value = "go" onclick ="pairing();"
    Keep in mind, I haven't tested this code, but it should lead you on the right track. Post or pm if you still need help.


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