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    Adding Rows To Table

    I'm a newb so be gentle. Basically my script should pick up images with a certain alt tag. Then put them in a table with its own cell. After every 6th image start a new row. This is just a practice script not production because I'm still learning.

    I've tried so many ways to get a row added but I can't I'm stumped. I've used raw html as strings in a variable and innerHTML and got it working. This method I can't. Here is the code :

    Code JavaScript:
    var productWrapper = document.getElementById("productWrapper");
    var replaceWrapper = document.getElementById("replaceWrapper");
    	if(productWrapper.nodeType == "1"){
    	var productImage = document.getElementsByTagName("img");
    	var productImageLength = productImage.length;
    	var createTable = document.createElement("table");
    		createTable.setAttribute("border", "4");
    		createTable.setAttribute("width", "100%");
    	for (j = 0;j < 6; j++){
    	var createRow = document.createElement("tr");
    	for(i = 0;i < productImageLength; i++){
    		if(productImage[i].getAttribute("alt") == "productRotate"){
    			var productNewImage = productImage[i].getAttribute("src");
    			var createCell = document.createElement("td");
    			var createProductImage = document.createElement("img");
    					createProductImage.setAttribute("src", productNewImage);
    					createProductImage.setAttribute("width", "50");
    					createProductImage.setAttribute("height", "50");
    	else { document.write("Couldn't find productWrapper!"); }
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    For starters, it's not an alt tag, it's an alt attribute. Also, you should try to avoid using document.write. Incidentally, where are you putting this script? Since you're using document.write to display an error message, I assume you're putting it in the body. If so, that is not very good and it should be in the head.

    I have little experience with tables, but I do believe tables are special in this case and that createElement with table rows and cells is somewhat dodgy (though I may be mistaken), and that innerHTML with rows doesn't work well in IE. I think that instead you should try using insertRow and insertCell. See this.


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