Before I get to the tip.. I'd like to say this is a real story I decided to write about my own site, this is not made up, and it is not made to sell anything! I wanted to simply share this tip with the web development community on several message boards.

This is a powerful tip for increasing search engine ranks. If you've been reading tons of articles / newsletters / websites about promoting your site with search engines and wonder what really does work, read this.
There are many ways to increase your search engine rankings, so they say. Gateway pages, doorway pages, frequent submission, copying competitors' meta tags, and many many others. But one way I used without even knowing it really worked. It's brought me an extra 2500 visitors/month from ONE search engine for the keyword I accidentally promoted into the 3rd ranking. Four or five other major search engines have me in the top 20 for this keyword too!

What was it that got me these rankings? A meta tag including NOTHING specifically for raising my rankings, just a description and relevant keywords. A page with REAL content, and a high keyword frequency in that page WITHOUT editing the page to have this. The keyword is OnMouseOver. Search for it at Search for it at an Inktomi-powered search engine. As of last week it was in the top 10 on both, 3rd or 4th at The page is an OnMouseOver generator. The meta description tag tells what this generator does, and the meta keywords tag uses "onmouseover" once or twice. But within the page, compared to other words, OnMouseOver comes up relatively frequently. This, real content, a real page, not a gateway page or invisible text, got the rankings.

I hope this tip helps you develop your websites to have higher rankings in the search engines, but I'd like to remind you that this is not the only way to promote a site.

Here are a few alternative methods that should be used in conjunction with search engine promotion:

* Write articles for reproduction, and submit them to newsletters that accept articles.
* Submit your site to high traffic freeby sites like or freaky freddie's.
* If you run a website resources/promotion/design-related site submit to the sites on the Dominien sheet:
* Buy advertisements in high-traffic newsletters. They are more effective than banner advertising
* Not as effective as you may like but still bring in traffic, banner advertising

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