Hey all...

Question on submitting sites to search engines:
I've read in various places that some spiders read the content of a site and use it to help place the site and match keywords, etc. My question is this:

I am using an "onMouseover" to generate the content of my main page. Right now I am using image files with the information. If I changed this to text that would pop up instead of an image (say put it into a particular cell within a table), would the spiders be able to read that?

I know my site needs to match keywords with body text, and I'm not trying to "trick" the search engines... I just want to keep the basic look of my site, but get the page ranked a bit higher in the engines.

I have downloaded and am going to try Web Position Gold to see how it works for submissions.

My boss has asked that I look into various businesses that will do search engine submissions and guarantee some form of ranking (he won't listen to me sometimes). Any suggestions on these?

Hatton Humphrey