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    Absolute positioning problem.

    My entries are overlapping and i don't want that. Can someone take a look at my codes and solve the problem for me ? TIA.

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    I'm not sure that page can be saved I'm afraid as there are just too many errors in there too fix .

    I can tell you why the elements are overlapping and its because you have wrapped each content section in an absolute div that has the same co-ordinates.

    You should just have one absolute wrapper (without height) that moves the whole section to the right and then just let the content flow within that wrapper without any more absolute elements inside.


    <div style="position: absolute; left: 230px;  top: 3px; width:500px; ">
      <div class="content">
    ...... all the content for the right side should be in here and don't use any more absolute elements as they are not needed...................
    Of course that div should have a class set up and not an inline style.

    That will stop the elements overlapping but your page has so many other errors that it would take me all day to fix.

    There are mismatched and unmatched tags and a completely corrupt head section to your page. You don't seem to be following any of the rules of html and you have wrapped block level elements inside inline level elements and that isn't allowed. You can only have inline content inside a p element which means you can't nest div elements inside the p elements. You have made the same mistake with other inline elements such as em, strong, font etc.

    The head section is also corrupt with odd characters in there and a doctype half way down the page and missing tags all over the place. The doctype must be the first line of the page before anything else.

    Sorry I haven't got time to fix all those errors for you and you wouldn't learn anything if i did it all for you . Just try and work your way through what I've said one step at a time and then you can ask for more help on the way


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