Hi Guys,

I'm currently finishing the development of the new website for the University of Hull, the website uses two stylesheets, one for IE6 and one for everything else.

The IE6 template needs quite a bit of tweaking, but now I seem to have some problems with it whcih I cannot figure out.

Firstly, only the left column will allow me to resize it, if I try to increase or decrease the centre/right columns there are no changes whatsoever.

Secondly, there is a margin either just after the centre, or just before the right column which I cannot find in my CSS.

It could just be me being stupid, I wrote this CSS many months ago and its been a hell of a long hard summer getting this sorted and I'm completely burned out, so if it is a simple thing then i'm sorry to pester you lot with it, but its one week till deadline and I'm starting to go bananas.

The site is located at http://chorlton.lib.hull.ac.uk/hull-site/index.html

the css can be found at http://www.hull.ac.uk/05/elements/ie6.css