Hi guys,

I've currently got two divs on a page, one which has a long list of areas, the other has information specific to that area. The list of areas is generally longer than the information bit, which is causing a bit of a problem with some Javascript I'm running (don't worry, this is definitely a CSS issue and not a Javascript one!).

I've got a few headers, and when you click on them, it toggles the information below it to either show, or hide it accordingly. All it does basically is set the position of the div to absolute and the left attribute to -5000px to nudge it off the page.

Problem is, whenever you run this code, it's cutting off the container div completely, as well as the area list that's being floated.

I have clear: both applied to the container div I think (or rather, I've stuck a div at the bottom of it with clear: both applied to it :P) but it seems to be disregarding that when I run the Javascript.

I don't have access to an FTP here unfortunately, and it's got loads of PHP so it'd be a bit of a nightmare to post the code anyway, but hopefully I've given enough information to give a jist of just what's going on. If not, I'll happily mock up some basic test code for it.