Hi everyone,

So I am trying to get a grasp on which Javascript framework/library is better and actually more stable.

Both Jquery and Mootools have some awesome demos online including good documentation.

I am involved in an upcoming Java based project and it currently uses prototype because we were using Ruby on Rails, which we are moving away from.

When I go to ui.jquery.com, I actually find the sortables demo (which is important for the direction we are going) to be broken. My firebug goes nuts when dragging and dropping items in the sortables demo.

however, between Jquery and Mootools, I have found multiple demos for sortables that do work and utilize real life examples, such as Sonsprings portlets: http://host.sonspring.com/portlets/

The Mootools sortables are very basic with color blocks that get moved around.

I would love to get some professional advice on what you guys think is the best prototype alternative and why.