Hi All,

I have been working on the playout for a site.... seems that my "Content div is having an issue displaying the BG image in firefox. Can anybody emlighten me on as to why this may happen.... My eyes are square from gazing at the code for so long!


<div id="content">
<div id="contents">A World leading manufacturer of leisure, sport, golf and rain umbrella frames
<h3>The Company</h3>
<ul id="homelist"><li>The Hoyland Fox name reflects 150 years of dedication to the manufacture of high quality umbrella frames. </li>
<li>Alexander Seven Marketing Co Ltd, has recently bought Hoyland Fox. With this merge of two of the top umbrella manufacturer's, we are excited about the future prospects of both companies.</li>
<li>With the combination of advanced technology and innovative design Hoyland Fox offers an exciting range for the worldwide market.</li>
<li>The Hoyland Fox range combines design flair with an exciting range of Colourways to provide a tailormade solution for every customer request.</li>
<h2>Hoyland Fox - Where Quality is the Name of the Frame</h2>
<div id="footer"><br /><span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold; font-size:12px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">Hoyland Fox Limited, Fields End Business Park, Fields End Road, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, S63 9EU<br/>
Tel: +44 (0) 1709 88 21 00 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Fax: +44 (0) 1709 88 21 11<br />COPYRIGHT Hoyland Fox Limited U.K.</span></div>


div#wrapper {width:779px; margin: 0px auto;}

div#header {width:779px; height:184px; background-image:url(../site_images/header_bg.png); clear:both;}

div#menu {margin: 0, 0, 0, 0; width:460px; height:143px; padding-left:300px;}

#menu ul { list-style:none; margin:0; padding:0 10px; }
#menu li { float:left; }
#menu li a span { display:block; color:#FFFFFF; font-family:Tahoma; font-size:12px; font-weight:bold; text-decoration:none; padding-top:120px;}
#menu li a span:hover{ display:block; color:#000; font-family:Tahoma; font-size:12px; font-weight:bold; text-decoration:none; padding-top:120px;}
#menu li a { display:block; height:143px; width:107px; background-position:center bottom; text-decoration:none;}

#sun { background-image: url(../site_images/sun_frames.png); background-repeat:no-repeat;}
#rain { background-image: url(../site_images/rain_frames.png); background-repeat:no-repeat;}
#golf { background-image: url(../site_images/golf_frames.png); background-repeat:no-repeat;}
#contact { background-image: url(../site_images/contact.png); background-repeat:no-repeat;}

div#content {width:779px; height:100%; background-image:url(../site_images/content_bg.png); text-align:left; padding: 20, 20, 20, 20;}

div#contents {width:400px; text-align:left; padding-left:30px; padding-right:30px; float:left; border-right-style:dashed; border-color:#999999; border-right-width:thin;}
ul#homelist {list-style-image:url(../site_images/bullet.png);}

div#footer { width:779px; height:84px; margin: 0px auto; background-image:url(../site_images/footer_bg.png); clear:both;}