I am working with a free template I downloaded and I am customizing it for a local church and once completed it will be their main church web site. It is a tableless design and I am having one problem I can't seem to find a solution for. This is the problem.......the index page for example has a certain amount of text in the main area and that makes the page so many pixels long. No problem there........but........the history page is a very long page with much more text and for some reason the fact that that page is so long forces every other page on the web site to be that long as well. The "pastor" page for example is very short.......but the page is incredible long as it mimics the "history" page. I am wondering how to get these blocks of text to be the correct size per page rather then having that loooooooong page throughout the entire web site.

Any help would be appreciated here. *note*: I am not an expert web developer by any stretch of the imagination.....but.....I can get along OK and am willing to put in the time to get this right.

Here is the link to the site (it's no where near finished as far as text and some link don't work yet):


Here is a link to the css: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/v...t%2Findex.html