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    Angry navigation too low in IE6

    Hello everyone,

    I have recently updated the design on one of my websites. I did use a template
    that I downloaded from Open Source Web Design (I think) and everything is
    fine in FF, Safari etc. However, in IE 6, the sidebar navigation (<div id="links"> inside the <div id="sidebar"> ) is all the way at the bottom of
    the page.

    Among other disturbing results in IE 6 are the
    fonts are jagged and ugly looking, no matter which font-family i specify.
    BTW, it looks fine in FF Windows.

    I have tried specifying different positionings, which makes everything ok in
    IE 6, but messes it up in FF. I have tried making a different stylesheet and
    using the conditional "If IE" phrase, but this doesn't seem to work. I have also run the style sheet through validation and it came out fine. Please Help!
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