I'm designing a website for an architect that needs a user-friendly sort feature to display plans based on user selectable criteria. He suggested that possibly the easiest method would be to standardize on a naming convention for the pdf files that include all the information needed to sort by such as single vs. 2 story, square footage, bedrooms and baths.

P_1S_2250_4_25_<plan name or number>.pdf
"P" for Plan or "E" for elevation
"1S" for single story or "2S" for two story
"2250" for square footage
"4" for no. of bedrooms
"25" for 2.5 bathrooms or "30" for 3 baths, etc.
<plan name or number> - should not need to sort by this. This is just in for our reference.

Each plan will have an associated elevation so there needs to be some relationship between them. The results should be displayed in pairs (elevation and plan) in a reduced scale - elevation on left and plan on right. Iím assuming these images need to be jpegs or gifs right? The architect was thinking you could have a small preview of the pdf, but Iím pretty sure heíd need to make image thumbnails for the pdfs. Scale should allow the elevation and plot plan to be displayed side-by-side - landscape. The architect will upload the PDFs on 8.5" x 11". The user should be able to click on any thumbnail to show a full size version in a new browser window. He said he wanted to allow the user to print from the full size pdf view only - i.e. do not allow print from the previous page - don't want to make it too easy for someone to print the entire contents of the site. I personally donít think you can stop someone from printing a webpage, can you?

Also, next to the thumbnails he wants to display the house information i.e., sq. footage, # of rooms & bathrooms. Hereís a site similar to what he wants: http://www.skylinehomebuilders.net/index.asp?id=4

The ability to post new plans in PDF format and have them automatically participate in the queries described above is very important to the architect. i.e. Would like to be able to do simple content management without support from a web developer - something like just copying new PDFs to an FTP site.

Does anyone know how to do this? Is this complicated programming?