Hai everyone, i am new to javascript

Now i have doing one Image gallary application. In that application i have upload two images, one for Befor image and another one for after image.

All those images are stored into the filesystem, the images names only stored into the database.

Left side of page: Before Pictures (One picture showing, date, description details).

On picture shown (if there are other pictures, there is a button called Next that can be pressed and the picture on the Before side is switched.)

Picture is surrounded by a black frame(i.e: black background) that looks like a picture frame.

Right side of page: After Pictures (initially greyed out, one picture showing, date, description details).

A button called View After Picture will reveal the picture and the related description entry. Would be nice to have an image of two hands covering a face opening up for the reveal.

Every page will also have Google Adwords on the right hand column

I had search the images and store and retrive through vector from the Java action class to jsp page.

i need to do with my application as in the following link


please visit this link, i need to do the same functionality on right side of this site as pensiero's photostream.

Please help me anybody