Our web site is http://www.fhhsbandhome.com/portal/pages/home.php. As you can see our navigation is giving us hell. It doesn't scale with resolutions at all!! On very small resolutions it collapses down and then on larger ones it just expands to the left. You can use a web site such as http://www.anybrowser.com/ScreenSizeTest.html to confirm this. Well this is a serious problem. I've spent hours messing around with the navigation and honestly at this point all I'm asking for is for someone to take the time, sit down, and make the appropriate code changes to make our navigation scale correctly and work correctly in all browsers/resolutions. Thanks!!

P.S If someone could really do this for us, it would be great. We are a high school band who uses our web site for a LOT of issues, and with a broken navigation, that makes our web site useless . Any good help ASAP would be appreciated highly.