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    Anyone recognize this font? (post your font identification requests here!)

    If you are looking for a font name - please post in this thread instead of creating new one.

    Before posting your font-recognition request here, refer to this tutorial - "How To Recognize A Font?" - and try to recognize it yourself.
    If the methods explained in that tutorial fail - post here.

    To increase the chances of success, be sure to post the image or url pointing to this font.
    Plain "I'm looking for the font from movie/computer game XXX" makes it much harder for others to help you. Also there might be several different fonts used for the same product.

    To members replying with font name suggestions - please do not post "Try WhatTheFont", as it's been already explained in the "How To Recognize A Font?" tutorial.
    Reply only if you know the name of the font or know a similar one.
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