Hi all, thank you for your attention.

Currently I am working on a website with a very simple layout:

a) Column left 160px
b) Column right 160px
c) Content in between with fluid width

Basically everything looks more or less ok in FF and IE5.5, but: IE6 simply ignores the right column and gives 100% width to the content container (adding to the left 160px).

I tried for hours to fix the problem, without sucess

Here is a piece of style.css:
#left { position:absolute; width:160px; margin: 20px 20px 0 0; float:left; font-size: 0.8em; }

#content { position:absolute; min-height:400px; margin:30px 200px 20px 200px; font-size:0.9em;}

#right { position:absolute; right:0px; width:160px; margin:20px 20px 0 0; font-size:0.8em; float:right;}
Full .css: http://test.mainlink.de/css/style.css
Website: http://test.mainlink.de

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you,