I'm trying to accomplish something with CSS and I'm not sure it's possible. I have a table that is floated left and should take up about 96% of its parent div. However, the table will be significantly wider than the parent element in most cases. Let's say the parent is about 500px, and the table is about 1000px. I want the table to have a horizontal overflow scroll bar, while expanding downward as necessary.

I know about the overflow-x and overflow-y css properties, but if I'm not mistaken, these are not widely supported (not even in the CSS spec, right?).

Ideally I'd have a table that was always 96% wide, but overflowed to the right via a scroll bar if the 96% wasn't enough to encompass its width -- I'm even willing to give a hard width to the table if necessary. It needs to work in IE6, IE7, and FF, and I'm hoping I'll only being using CSS.

Is this possible?