Basically, I have a <div> and then have floating <divs> inside. One of those floating <div>s I want to have a variable size, and I want the div that contains it to grow accordingly. However, since the div is floating, it won't.

How can I correct this situation?

Here is a quick view of the core pieces of this code:
<div id="main">
 <div id="header"></div>
 <div id="menu" class="float_left"></div>
 <div id="content_area" class="float_right">
  <div id="inner_content_area" class="float_left">
   <div id="content"></div>
   <div id="footer"></div>
  <div id="ronin" class="float_right"></div>
Basically content is the one that grows and I want main to grow accordingly.

The core of this question is basically "can I make something floating affect the size of it's parent"?

I know I could redo my CSS to use positioning elements instead of making it float, which I may have to do.