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    Apache not serving up documents.


    I seem to be having a problem with Apache 2.2 where it isn't serving up any of the requested pages other than the default index.html that was installed by default. I get a 404 error for all other documents I try. Anyway... I'm running it on my windows XP laptop. I'm planning on using it and PHP5 for some local debugging. I installed Apache using the msi, same with PHP 5 (however, when I used the msi for PHP 5 the php5apache2_2.dll was missing so I had to download it separately). [PHP is currently not listed in the httpd.conf using a LoadModule... I have it commented out until I can get Apache working correctly]

    Any ideas on where I messed up in the install?

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    First (and foremost), WELCOME to SitePoint and to the Apache Forum!

    When I first built my test server, I used Kevin Yank's book but what you need most is the FREE Chapter 1 - Installation. It will tell you WHERE to place your files and how to get PHP/MySQL to play nicely with Apache.

    IF you want your website files somewhere other than httpdocs, you will need to modify your httpd.conf file in the VirtualHost section (at the end - the comments are more than sufficient to let you figure out how to write the code but you can always come back here to search for the many threads on VirtualHosting).


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