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    Replicating action of a Frameset with CSS

    Although I have run a web-site for many years I am quite new to CSS. My web-site currently uses a frameset with 2 columns the nav on the left and content on the right.

    With CSS I can produce the 2 columns and also the vertical menu in the left column. I cannot find a way for the selected menu item to always appear in the contents column as with a frameset.

    Is it necessary for every page to have its own nav and contents column. this would mean that every time a menu item was changed nearly all pages on the site would have to be changed.

    What I need is the menu to be loaded into the nav column from an external file and the same with the contents thus replicating the action of a frameset.

    The reason I am trying to change to CSS is in an attemt to make my site more search engine friendly.

    Can anyone please help or point me in the right direction.

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    The reason I am trying to change to CSS is in an attemt to make my site more search engine friendly
    Then you need the menu on every page like any normal page

    As the overhead with css is a lot lighter than using tables then there is not really any downside to loading the whole page anew because the css for common elements will already be cached anyway.

    If you want to make global changes to elements such as a navigation in one go then you could use SSI (server side includes) or PHP to automate this but is really a question for another forum as its not a css issue .


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