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Thread: Smart Substring

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    Smart Substring

    Hi everybody,

    I have a unrgent question because my boss is awaiting me to fix it

    If I have the following variable which contains the drop down menu for list of card numebrs:

    var abc='<option value="1234567890123456">1234567890123456</option><option value="0987654321987654">0987654321987654</option><option value="0147852369014785">0147852369014785</option>';

    How can I pass this variable to a function and mask only the dispalyed card number? i.e. to have the following result:

    <option value="1234567890123456">1234XXXXXXXX3456</option><option value="0987654321987654">0987XXXXXXXX7654</option><option value="0147852369014785">0147XXXXXXXX4785</option>

    Note: the number of options in the drop down menu may varry, in this example its only 3 options, it might be more or less, this is why I called it "Smart Substring"

    Please your fastest response is highly apreciated

    Thanks in advance
    HaVe a GooD DaY

    @li @l$@ff@R

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    Why do you want to use JavaScript to do that?

    Why do you want to do this at all anyway? The only tiny help to security is if someone was lookin' over the shoulder of someone using that page. It would not protect them from being intercepted during the transfers over the Internet.
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