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    unexplainable gap (and REALLY tried EVERYTHING)


    it's been a long time since I had to ask anyone help on a XHTML/CSS related problem but what I'm experiencing now is driving me NUTS!

    I've got a template which you can find at -- removed -- andd if you scroll down to the bottom (in IE6 & 7) you'll notice an orange bar. This orange bar is actually the background-color of the body (which shoudn't be there since there nothing that I can find to cause this gap).

    All the elements in the page which could have any influence on this have margin and paddding set to 0. I've tried removing the footer / rightcol etc but the gap remains. The gap also increases if you increase the font-size with your browser (the gap at textsize medium is 14px, with textsize set on largest, the gap is 18px high.

    I've removed all whitespace between the closing body tag and the div-closers.
    Code HTML4Strict:

    but when I enter a &nbps;

    Code HTML4Strict:

    the gap remains exactly the same, indicating it's not a padding/margin problem otherwise the gap would become larger.

    I've tested different doctypes (transitional and strict) but also no change.
    The XHTML and CSS both validate ... I'm really lost as to what could cause this problem.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    thanks in advance.
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