So we're working on building out the nav menu and the design company we hired is listing out options. We're at the nav menu right now (no drop down, simply a rollover nav menu at the top).

The first option was using a big image with the rollover being going showing only the part of the image. Ie, the nav div has the bg as the image. The image itself is 2 rows, the top row being the menu, the bottom row (unseen) being the rollover. When you rollover, it changes the bg to whatever part of the big image it is using the x and y coordinates. This is similar to how veerle blog has it (http://veerle.duoh.com/).

The second was using individual images for each menu item. Pretty simple, each id has it's own bg image and rollover image opposed to 1 big one like above.

Which one is better? I thought that the second one would be nicer since it scales better (don't have to change the image, can remove/add easily) but they suggested the first one as better.