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    Arrow Unleashing the power of real TrueType fonts with CSS!

    CSS is 10 years old now, Håkon Wium Lie, the guy who proposed the CSS concept, is introducing something new! and it is about text display that is suffering nowadays from the lack of fonts you can use.
    a similar concept was first described back in 1998 (CSS 2) but wasn't a success!
    but it is back for good now!

    Thank Mr. Prince!

    and we will probably see this kind of code

    Code CSS:
    @font-face {
      font-family: "FONT_NAME";
    url([url]http://.[/url]..) format("truetype");
    body{ font-family: "FONT_NAME", sans-serif }

    There are still problems like convincing browsers companies to support these web fonts and to fix a final format of the code and validate everything in there...

    What do you think? Is this going to be a success? Is this going to be the next big step for web design?
    Imagine how much control will you have on the look of your pages! and you will not use graphics just because you can't use a given font on your web site!!!


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