I've read hundreds (literally) of articles on internet marketing and promotion, but I'm still unsure as to what to do!

I'm looking to promote my new website, WebDevPortal.com . It's current traffic comes only from a few sources since it's only a week old: TheFreeSite.com, SitePoint.com forums, Several email sites (people reading my weekly newsletter sent to 500+ webmasters, had a few points that linked to pages on the new site to bring traffic), etc.

No search engines yet, it takes more than a week to get listed in even the fastest of them.

I've submitted to several webmaster-specific web directories, and I've contacted about 15 related sites asking for link trades (only one has agreed, and it'll be two weeks before he can get the link up - but I know the guy and trust he'll get it done). I offered in return a link as a "Partner Site" on EVERY page of the site including the homepage. I've gotten responses from half of them basically turning me down, the other ones never responded.

So, what can I do? I want to know what your personal top referrers are, etc. Goto.com is NOT worth the price for my site (figure out the math right now and I'd lose money per visitor even at 1c/visit - I'm not being paid over $10CPM).

The site gets about 250 visitors/day right now from TheFreeSite.com, making up 97% of the traffic until a few search engines list me.

Are there any SPECIFIC places you're getting a lot of traffic from? Sites you've traded links with that have spaces open - that are related to webmaster/web design/promotion sites?

I know there are plenty of people in this forum that run sites with the same target audience as me. Anybody interested in sharing their secrets?

I'm not looking for general "trade links with a lot more sites, buy advertising" stuff, I want to know from the pros where your traffic is from, please I have ZERO budget right now, I spent the money on the domain name and hosting for the site.

I'm eagerly awaiting any replies!

Dan Grossman (webmaster@webdevportal.com)
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